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Learning Quotient: The New IQ

These days children are taught a lot of different things. Of course, there is a standard way of teaching them and the basics don’t change, but, the variations made to test your skills while giving certain exams and in general testing you is different. Teachers, be it classrooms, by that we mean school in general or coaching centres where these methods are actually implemented, constantly look ahead to try and get the best out of a child. One area they regularly keep an eye on is the learning quotient (LQ) concept, which measures a student’s potential and their willingness to adapt to challenges they face while they give an exam or be it even implementing what they learnt.

As this term emerged only recently, one may wonder what the word means. The term ‘learning quotient’ came from Jennifer Carpenter, Head of Global Recruiting at Accenture in 2017. She was one of the first to talk about the concept. She spoke of it a different way but we can apply it in various other ways. One such way is that of a development of student in school or college.

When you think of learning quotient, you can sum it up in one sentence and that is looking at a child’s ability and willingness to learn. Teachers are missing out on the full scope of grasping a child’s mind and potential including their creativity and their love of learning. Fast forward to the present day, and this concept is starting to gain traction, with multiple online tests available for anyone to try. LQ refers to an individual’s desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt their skillset to be able to perform well in the challenging world. Increasingly, success is determined by a child’s ability to adapt to new challenges, change their mindset when dealing with different subjects and challenges that they are put in and their willingness to take charge of their own career progression. LQ represents a new way for students to assess their learning styles and recognises an individual’s ability to learn new skills and adapt quickly.

Learning Quotient

These days schools have started working differently, making holistic development a necessity. They are largely driven by the constant introduction of new and evolving methods, which is making the capacity to learn even more important. Coaching Institutes and schools and colleges want their students to be agile enough to learn and perform at their best and also want students who have a willingness to learn to thrive in their classes and overall development now and in the future. At the same time, students are looking to learn and accumulate new skills in a bid to be mobile. Many kids have multiple talents and kids sometimes feel they fell short. Teachers have to ensure that the students are already on board and are able to learn the new skills required to keep up with the changing times. Gone are the days where we could just be good at what we study. We need to have a strong foundation of what we are and also know a little bit about everything else. Learnability can also be an indicator of mobility. A child who shows signs of being a quick learner is likely to be agile and adapt to changes quicker.

With multiple career changes becoming more prevalent, an emphasis on a student’s potential is all the more important. As Learning Quotient measures a child’s ability and willingness to learn, it follows that they will be a good hire in a recruitment landscape that is constantly changing. LQ measurement has come about alongside various colleges from all over the world. Even colleges and schools in India have started giving importance to holistic development and are mobilising students to be ready when they have to start working in the real world. There are many benefits to being this student.

The Learning Quotient

  • You are at a higher level than other children: Since you not only have a good grasp of what you are, and what your skills are, you are focused on all round development. This helps you be a better student in general as you have various skills that help you tackle challenges in the world.
  • Helps you adapt to changes quickly: In this world that is changing everyday, it is important to adapt to the changes quickly. If we don’t, we’ll be left behind and won’t be able to make use of it and take it as an advantage. In the current world it is necessary to be self reliant and self sufficient. Even the government is now promoting it as “Aatmanirbhar”. Hence, knowing what life is and how to be self reliant is very important.
  • Helps you branch out: Once you’re out of school, you move to a college where you need to focus on what you want to become. We no more live in the time of just being an Engineer or a Doctor. There are thousands of jobs that are available and one can specialise in that and go ahead and choose that as a career option. There are a plethora of jobs that are very specific and some are general. Being an overall developed child with the knowledge of your course of subjects can really help you be the best in what you are at.
  • Help from others: With the new Education Policy that is rolled out as of 2020, it really helps a child pick the subjects he or she wants and be good at it. Even the government is helping a child bring out his or her best in them so that they are who they want to be. A child can select the subjects he or she wants and is not obliged to choose what is given to them. With an importance been given to physical fitness as well, there are multiple paths a child can choose as a career option.
  • Overall development of yourself: In the end, it helps you be a better student. All of the above mentioned skills will put you ahead of other children. You can really tackle the challenges that people face in today’s world and be the best at what you are truly.

Learning Quotient

Being eager and having the capacity to learn is going to be essential if a student wants to keep up with the pace of the digital change happening around the world. This world is becoming less about what you already know and more about your capacity to learn. While a CV can show an employer the background and existing knowledge of a student, their ability to learn is ultimately going to be more important. If you can build yourself to be hungry to learn and to grow, it will help you reach new heights.

LQ - Learning Quotient

Hence, in conclusion, it is very important to raise awareness about such ways of learning and holistic development. We should start by educating students about what learning quotient is and how it will mean moving away from traditional methods of learning and focus on all round development. One should ask them if they would consider looking at some of the available ways of learning and incorporating them into their daily study routine. Encouraging teachers to introduce new learning techniques and training initiatives if they haven’t already is another way to start and help a child. This will increase the child’s Learning Quotient and make them feel supported in their development.

Learning Quotient

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