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Your Health Code: The guide to Patient Rights and Responsibilities

I was honored to be invited to address my residential society members on Republic Day, and as I pondered on

How to help children with Learning Difficulties

“As special needs parents, we don’t have the power  to make life “fair,” but we do have the power to


Usually, in a group discussion, you may hear the following concerns: Someone spoke over me I didn’t get a chance


You must have heard the phrase “be mindful of your words” have you ever wondered what people mean by being

One + One = Eleven Not Competing, Collaboration is the way to Success!

You might have heard the phrase, “Study well, focus on your academics. Don’t discuss with your friends.” Our education system

My Monthly Balance Sheet

My Monthly Balance Sheet Have you ever noticed how your parents keep a record of all the expenses of the

Mini expenses: The small Leaks that sink great ships.

We surveyed  people; Only 12% of people said that they saved money every month. Rest agreed to the following statement

Is being Interdependent worse or better than being Independent?

  The word independence seems overrated and so does the concept of independent countries. Imagine a person who is completely


Common Symptoms of Common Diseases

Have you ever heard that “Home is our first school and Family is our first set of teachers”?  I have