About Novoleaders

The New “You” – An evolved vision of leadership in the VUCA world.

This brings out and focuses on the application of polished inherent talent in real life situations.

Four overall components make one a holistic and evolved human being. A student with all-around development in the 4 areas, Being, Thinking, Doing & Evolving, becomes a capable leader for life.

Novoleaders are problem-solving young leaders who have taken on a result-oriented approach with the ability to transform self & others.

Some characteristics of a NovoLeaders:

  • Moneywise
  • Career-oriented
  • People-centric
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Masters of communication
  • Ethical & world citizens
  • Healthy in mind, body & soul
  • Life long learners

Novo Leaders, equipped with the right skills, would be able to lead themselves and others in this hyper-competitive world

Every parent wants their children to be happy. As a leader, some things parents want for their children is to have good communication skills, think creatively, behave sociably, be organised, and practice healthy physical & spiritual habits. It’s hard to train them in everything.Parents take time to research good courses with good teachers to be able to give their best. It’s a tough search with only certain aspects often.The current gap in the education system is lacking. It might not equip children with all the skills they need for their adulthood.NovoLeaders has been designed with this in mind. It looks at an individual’s holistic development, giving them path-breaking tools and methodologies to excel in life.

4 Components of a NovoLeader

About NovoLeader components

These components have been designed to provide a complete holistic developmental programme for your child. As a learning experience, our programmes are designed to be enjoyable, enriching and efficient. The Methodologies employed to achieve the above include Experiential education, Flipped classroom formats and NLP.


  • Online Real-time with coaching/mentoring support, video recordings & activities.
  • Applying their learnings through Projects & Assignments.
  • Learnings through VAK learning styles using Videos, Roleplays, Worksheets / Activity Book, case studies, Discussions, Cooperative learning strategies etc

The 4 components are: Being, Doing, Thinking, Evolving

  1. Being: Spiritual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Health Quotient
  2. Doing: Communication Quotient, Behavioural Quotient, Digital Quotient
  3. Thinking: Intelligence Quotient, Learning Quotient
  4. Evolving: Vocational Quotient, Financial Quotient

FQ – To develop wealthy money habits & healthy relationship with money

BQ – To develop effective & pleasant inter-personal skills

SQ – To create their own value culture. To explore what they value most.

EQ – To be effective at stress management.

EQ – To become aware of how emotions impact self and explore effective ways to express and manage various emotions.

LQ – To develop skills to excel in academics.

BQ – To develop balanced people management skills

EQ – To develop emotional intelligence

VQ – To choose a career by choice and not by chance

BQ – To create their own code of conduct. To become aware of their own Useful-Interest map

CQ – To explore and comprehend all modes of communication – verbal, non-verbal and written


The core aspect of being human lies in who they are and how they are – Their energy, values, beliefs, emotions. The body, mind & soul work in sync to perform at optimum levels and find opportunities.

Compassionate, cooperation and collaboration are essential qualities of leadership. These cannot be taught but learnt when one learns to live as a part of a larger community.

Quotients covered:

Spiritual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Health Quotient



The most visible aspect of being human lies in what they do. Society understands and judges people based on their behaviour, ability to communicate and ability to perform. All the skills in this area can be learned and developed.

Corporates often spend a lot of time and money developing these skills in their staff and their management. It is tough to change a saturated egotistic adult. However, if these skills are developed in young children, these habits can be inculcated as teens. Then, they stand out as wiser, well learnt and learned adults.

Social media has a vital role in developing play in children today. Ignoring or shutting down digital devise use may be detrimental. Making children aware of sensible ways of being in and using the digital world is far more impactful in ensuring that children always make the right choice.

Quotients covered:

Communication Quotient, Behavioural Quotient, Digital Quotient


Learning to question and use knowledge right is as important as learning information. Critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and adaptability are important 21st-century skills. Convergent & Divergent, Critical & Lateral thinking are all equally important as well.

These skills are picked up in bits and pieces through life experiences. However, it can be dangerous if the knowledge of when to use what is not known.

Building an attitude and aptitude towards learning are important skills to survive and thrive in the VUCA world

Quotients covered:

Intelligence Quotient, Learning Quotient



Eking a livelihood is essential to our existence. However, it is not sufficient.

Becoming aware of and exploring different sources of income and aspects of career development is the first step towards choosing a career.

Connecting with mentors, exploring internships, and gaining experience before committing to a fixed career helps build the right path to a happier and healthier careerhood.

Quotients covered:

Vocational Quotient, Financial Quotient