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Sumeet Singh Arora

Envisioning a new, Holistic Era in Education

For me, learning is like breathing. Unconsciously or consciously, one always keeps learning and absorbing. Like Breathing is to Living, so is Learning to Development. To live a wholesome and healthy life, constant growth is essential. Without it, we become stagnant.

What is life without constant growth and development?

Organisation Development Consultant | Behavioural & Performance Coach | Counsellor | Facilitator – Outward Mindset, The Arbinger Institute, USA | Certified Mentor – City & Guilds, UK

He has trained and coached 50,000+ professionals from 100 + organizations, over the last 25 years, in areas of Leadership, People Management, Behavioral skills and Work Management.

He has featured on various TV channels in career guidance sessions and has trained 5000+ career guides across the country.

He is a keen Educational Enthusiast. In the last 5 years, he has partnered with 3000+ Parents & Educators to facilitate holistic development of children and create an enriching, enjoyable, and efficient learning ecosystem.

He is a staunch advocate and practitioner of principles. He believes Principles in life are useless, unless used.

  • Add Value or Perish 
  • Compete with Self   
  • Collaborate to Excel 
  • People are Equals, neither objects nor machines