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Common Symptoms of Common Diseases

Have you ever heard that “Home is our first school and Family is our first set of teachers”?  I have been fortunate to have some lovely teachers in my family, especially my grandparents in my growing years. 

Memories of super-chilled winters in Amritsar and my Grand Mother sharing her simple homemade remedies to cure my running nose are vividly imprinted on my mindin fact, more on my heart. 

A lot of what I know about common diseases and their cure is because of her. As a grown-up now, I feel amply equipped to handle some common health concerns, for myself and my family. 

Wondering why I am talking about common health issues? Cold, cough, body ache, skin rash, and many such frequent health concerns are a part of growing up for sure. 

Parents and elders ensure that we are protected from all possible diseases – big and small, through vaccination and precautionary measures. However, some common diseases, if identified well, can be cured at home by us.

“Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body” – a big reason for us to ensure we nurture good physical

Healthy Body nurtures Health Mind

Mind and Body are part of the same system, change in one affects the other. Recall how we are not able to focus on our studies if we are constantly sneezing or how even a mild headache drops our ability to think clearly. 

While the bigger illnesses/diseases are taken care of by precautionary vaccinations, it’s the common health concerns that can disrupt our daily activities and peace of mind. 

Hence it’s important to catch them early with their symptoms and know how to handle them with simple medications or home remedies. 

The healthy partnership of our Body and Mind is the foundation of all our growth and development. 

As a parent, we should help our children to learn about symptoms of common diseases, precautions and care to be taken. 

So, time to get geared to understand these common diseases, their symptoms, and first-level action to deal with them at an early stage.


Common Diseases and their symptoms:

We can handle things better if we are aware of what steps are to be taken. Let’s look at some common diseases we may experience, symptoms to recognize them, and simple ways to cure them, even at home:

  • Cold

Symptoms: Running Nose, Frequent Sneezing, Irritation in the nasal cavity, Congestion

First Level Remedy/Action – Hot water steam, mild inhaler or balm on nose or throat

In case it continues over 7 to 10 days – See a doctor for a specific medication

  • Cough or Sore Throat

Symptoms: Irritation in the throat, Dry cough, Cough with sputum, Chest Congestion

First Level Remedy/Action – Hot water steam, Gargles, consume lukewarm water, mild cough drops, or syrup

In case it continues over 7 to 10 days – See a doctor for specific medication or antibiotics

  • Influenza

Symptoms: Fever, sore throat, fatigue, body aches, and chills

First Level Remedy/Action – Mild medication like crocin or paracetamol, consume Luke warm, warm fluids or soup, rest

In case it continues over 5 days – See a General Physician for further tests or specific medication

  • Diarrhea

Symptoms: Vomiting, nausea, Stomach ache and cramps, loose motions.

First Level Remedy/Action – Consume salt-sugar water (ORS), fluids, light food like porridge, Khichadi, consume warm water.

In case it continues over 3-5 days – See a General Physician for further tests or specific medication

  • Skin Infection

Symptoms: Skin rash, Boils, skin irritation, redness or dryness of skin

First Level Remedy/Action – Apply soothing lotions like aloe vera, antiseptic powder, keep your skin dry and hygienic around the affected area, wear loose clothes and avoid contact with skin

In case it continues over 7 days – See a dermatologist for further advice and specific medication

  • Eye infection/Conjunctivitis

Symptoms: redness, discharge, itchiness, swelling, stretch or mild pain

First Level Remedy/Action – Keep your eyes clean with water, avoid rough contact with cloth, wear glasses, refer a doctor for antibiotic ointment or eye drops 

In case it continues over 5 days – See a general physician or eye specialist for further advice and specific medication

  • Fatigue

Symptoms: Body ache, Low energy, lack of focus, disinterested 

First Level Remedy/Action – Proper rest and sleep, meditation, breathing exercises, do what makes you happy, eat good and healthy food, Organic supplements (multivitamins, protein, etc) 

In case it continues over 7 days – See a general physician for further advice/tests

  • Covid 19

Symptoms: Breathlessness, Joint pain, Body ache, Cough/sore throat, fatigue/weakness

First Level Remedy/Action – Immediate quarantine, healthy non-oily food, Proper rest, check the temperature and oxy level regularly

Please consult a doctor for other precautions and treatment/medication


Simple ways to Track your Health


A few practices and projects which you can do with the above information:

  1. Make a Common Diseases’ Poster of the above information and paste it in your room. Whenever you or any family member has any symptoms, you can suggest remedies.
  2. Maintain a Fitness History Diary of your family, where you maintain a record of symptoms, medicine is taken, etc. date-wise. You can also record weight, height, blood pressure, and other details in the diary. This will be very helpful for doctors if you ever need to visit one.
  3. Make a First Aid Kit ready with the medicines and ointments required for these common diseases. Don’t forget to mention the expiry date of each of the medicines in the kit.


Before you start doing all these activities let’s see how prepared you are to take care of yourself and your family!

Respond to this match the following in the comments below and share your readiness for a fitter you: 

Common Disease Symptoms
1. Cold A. Cramps
2. Sore Throat B. Redness
3. Diarrhoea C. Chest Congestion
4. Fatigue D. Mild Headache
5. Conjunctivitis E. Coughing


  1. Cough
    Symtoms :Irritation in throat

    Symtoms :Running nose

    Precaution :Wash hand before and after meals and after coming from outside.

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