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Cyber Quotient: Your Pass to the Advanced World

The evolution of technology has impacted every aspect of our lives from banking to the way that we communicate with each other. In fact, technology has become an integral part of sustaining society, and its infusion with education is therefore inevitable. Technology not only provides students with access to countless online resources but also aids them in the learning process. A majority of universities and educational institutes have already started to utilise technology within their teaching methods.

Prominently rising from the COVID-19 crisis is the issue of content. Educators need to be able to develop and weigh in on online educational content, especially to encourage students to consider a topic from different perspectives. The urgent actions taken during this crisis did not provide sufficient time for this. Access is an added concern — for example, not every school district has resources to provide students with a laptop, and internet connectivity can be unreliable in homes. But, COVID-19 gave rise to a whole new world.

cyber quotient

So, why is cyber quotient so important? Why should every child in today’s world at least know the basics of the technology there is? Here are your reasons.

  • Students are engaging with technology constantly outside of the classroom. Kids like to be interactive, and learning through technology has now become a part of their lifestyle. The technology movement has been implemented in post-secondary education as well as other professional jobs. For new teachers, technology is considered a necessity for the learning environment.
  • Kids know technology better than most adults. It has become the easiest way they learn, because it is such an integral part of their life. Engaging with technology in the classroom has not only helped them learn better, but they also acquire multi-tasking skills. At this day in age, they hardly know how to learn without it. This knowledge is important because they would be way behind in the real world without it.
  • Kids learn at their own pace, but sometimes the traditional classroom makes it difficult to do so. With the integration of technology in education, children have the ability to slow down and go back over lessons and concepts, and more advanced kids can go ahead. It also frees up the teacher to help kids on a more one-on-one level.
  • Having access to other information outside of the book gives students many different ways to learn a concept. Teachers can come up with creative ways to teach their students that keep them engaged. Technology has changed the learning environment so that learning is more hands-on. Schools throughout the nation are diverse in income, and often kids don’t always get the resources they need. The implementation of technology in schools helps close that gap.
  • When teachers effectively integrate technology into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of adviser, content expert, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Students are also able to collaborate with their own classmates through technological applications.
  • Computers, tablets, and other forms of technology bring multiple resources for the teacher that’s not in the book. They not only keep students engaged with exciting new features and apps but also have other ways to teach students material. Every kid learns differently, and technology helps with this gap as well.
  • The students of this generation are considered technological learners. They learn best by being more interactive, and technology is what helps them do that. Children often struggle to stay on task or interested, and with resources to help the teacher, they can better stay focused and learn faster.
  • Whether we like it or not, technology is an essential concept to learn. Because it changes so quickly, children are better off learning about it sooner. It is a primary part of every industry, and there is no way around it. These days, technology means more than just learning basic computing skills. Technology has made itself part of every aspect of our lives today, and the students who understand it are the ones who succeed in the business world.

CQ - Cyber Quotient

Finally, we’d like to say that Technology has made it possible for students to gain qualifications online and educate themselves through institutes that offer online courses. They can learn from home without having to pay to commute or move away to attend university. Working professionals have the opportunity to pursue further education without having to give up their full-time jobs. Being able to learn remotely has been revolutionary because it has made education accessible to everyone. Technology is being used to teach differently, whether through online learning or merely showing a video in a classroom.

Teaching is now more than a lecturer in front of a blackboard and technology has been an integral part of its development. It has transformed education and the way that people learn and retain information. Therefore its role in the future of education is a fundamental part of maintaining the growth and progression of today’s economy.

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