Behavior Quotient: Why your Child’s Manners and Behavior is Important

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Behavior Quotient: Why your Child’s Manners and Behavior is Important

A child’s behaviour and manners are very important. Not just in today’s world but it has been so for a very long time. The human brain is such that we are taught things at a very young age and we are made to build on that very foundation. It is very important because if the foundation is strong then our entire life which is built on it will be great. We are what we are taught from a very young age so gaining the right manners and behaviour is extremely essential.

Children and teens are always watching what adults do. They see how they handle stress. They watch how adults treat other people and observe how they deal with their feelings. They soak in all that information like little sponges. Even when adults think that their children aren’t paying attention, it’s essential to be a positive role model.

An adult’s discipline tactics shouldn’t be about controlling their child. Instead, discipline should be about teaching their child how to control himself or herself. Kids who learn self-discipline will be better equipped to face life’s challenges, manage stress, and make healthy choices even when their parents or guardians are not around.

Self-disciplined kids can choose to forgo immediate gratification. They can make good choices regardless of how they feel. Kids who have self-discipline can cope with uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way. They’ve learned anger management skills and are able to control impulsive behaviour. They can respond respectfully when adults correct them and they can take responsibility for their behaviour. Instead of saying, “I have to do this because my parents said so,” they recognise the importance of making healthy choices. They can make good decisions in terms of chores, homework, money, peer pressure and self-care.

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Well, teaching a child all of this might be very difficult but here are a few ways to do so.

1. Using an Assertive Tone: Never yell, shout or scream when you have to make a point. It is important to be assertive and stress the importance of the matter. It will immediately help in making them understand and with it, grab their attention.

2. Acknowledging their Feelings: It is very important to accept their feelings and not disregard them. If your kid is upset if you have taken his or her toy then give an explanation for your action. Don’t try to ignore them, instead of calm them down.

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3. Using Motivation: A reward chart works wonders when disciplining your kid. Invest in one and have gifts handy to highlight good behaviour. Sell the idea of behaving well with an incentive that will be received on gaining a certain number of points.

4. Changing the Concept of Discipline: The word discipline originates from the Latin word “to teach”. Keep using reassuring words and motivational gestures to induce good behaviour. Model yourself on the same line for them to follow.

5. Giving Options: Explain to your child that good behaviour will fetch them a reward and appreciation, however, bad behaviour will only lead to time in the naughty corner. It empowers them to distinguish between right and wrong and follow that principle always.

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6. Teaching Gratitude: A very important attitude to be taught to kids today who have lost touch with personal connections with the influence of technology. The best way to teach them to grateful is to set a small prayer routine either in the morning or at bedtime, thanking the Almighty for what you have. This will automatically filter through other aspects of life and every occasion- be it a birthday party, wedding or even in school.

7. Sending Gentle Warnings: Don’t make any abrupt endings to anything that your kids do. Kids hate it when they are not given a prior warning of what is coming up. For example, if you want them to stop watching TV, then give a “5-minute warning” signal before it is time to switch off. This way they will be mentally prepared for what they can expect.

8. Practicing Eating Healthy and being Fit: Exercising has been proven to tackle diseases and various other bad things in adults. Hence, practising eating healthy and being fit is very important from childhood itself. They have amazing benefits for kids when practised on a regular basis. Engage kids in meditation to calm their senses. By practising meditation, kids especially ones with special needs develop a composed mind and thereby adopt a calm approach to dealing with any situation.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that, there is no proven technique to inspire good behaviour which will weave its magic like a wand on a child. The most important thing is to lead by example. Let your child see how you care for people around you, hear the kind words you use and see you doing your duty irrespective of being told.

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