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Rich Friend Poor Friend

Rich Friend Poor Friend

This is the story of two poor friends who studied together in school; one of them grew up to become a rich man and the other remained poor.

One morning, the poor friend met the rich friend in the canteen in front of the school, where they met occasionally. The poor friend said “How are you so rich? You must be really lucky. God has blessed you with so much wealth. Why hasn’t God blessed me with money?”

The rich friend smiled. He looked at his watch and said “Let’s make a deal. Today before sunset, you come to my home and collect as much money, gold and pearls as you can from my safe. They will all be yours. But remember to come before sunset, not a minute afterwards”

The rich friend proceeded to his office for his work. The poor friend was very happy and thanked the rich friend.

What should the poor friend do now?

He thought that he should first go home and tell this good news to his wife. So, he went home and he explained everything to her. After hearing the husband, the wife smiled and said, “Go and get some money, gold and gems now. Time is Gold for you today”.

The poor man sat down and said, “I will go, but I am hungry. Give me lunch first.”

What should the wife have done?

She served him lunch. After having lunch, he decided to take a nap but instead, slept for 2 hours. Then, late in the afternoon, he picked a few bags and went towards the friend’s house.

On the way, he met his friends. He told them the news about his rich friend. They all were very happy for him and asked him for a party.

What should the poor friend do now?

He couldn’t say no to them and sat down under a tree with them. They had some drinks, danced and celebrated the news of their poor friend’s chance of being rich soon.

Time flew and they didn’t even realize that they had spent 5 hours. When the poor man realized it, the sun was on its way down.

What should the poor friend do now?

He tried to make up for the time by requesting a taxi person to take him to the rich friend’s house. There was a lot of evening traffic on the road and they were not moving were fast.

When he finally reached the rich friend’s house it was already late in the evening, the sun had set. The rich friend had just completed all his routine work and was having an evening walk in the garden near the gate.

What should the rich friend do now?

The rich friend paid the taxi man the fare. He invited the poor friend in the house, where the poor friend’s wife was already waiting. They had dinner together and the rich friend said “You have lost your chance to earn a lot of money. I will ask you 5 questions, if you answer the questions to my satisfaction, I will gift you Rs. 1 Crore. Are you ready?”

The poor friend said yes.

The rich friend asked the following questions:

  1. What did you like about your day today?
  2. What happened which led to you losing out on the money, gold and gems?
  3. What are your learnings from today?
  4. If a similar opportunity came your way again, what will you do differently?
  5. If you earn Rs. 1 Crore today, what will you do with it?

If you were the poor friend, what will be your answers? Discuss your answers with your friends and parents.

Now, here are a few questions for you.

Write your answers in the space/comments section below:

  1. Why did only one of the friends became rich even though both studied and in the same school?
  2. What qualities/characteristics did you observe about the rich friend?
  3. What qualities/characteristics did you observe about the poor friend?

rich friend poor friend


  1. 1. Because the rich friend worked hard and understood the importance of time management but the poor friend did not understand the importance of time management hence he was not successful
    2. The rich friend was kind, and successful as he knew the importance of time.
    3. The poor friend was lazy, and he did not understand the importance of time and stayed poor.

    1. Lovely thoughts Krishna. Time is invaluable, once lost is impossible to revive. As mentioned by you the value and respects we give to time – ours and that of others, has a big impact on how we shape our lives.

  2. 1.I like about my day was that I have got disappointed but when u said Answer these questions and win 1 crore rupees then I was happy.
    2.Rich man was kind,helpful,smart,rich,.
    3.poor friend was,lazy don’t know importance of time,and he wasted his time a lot.

    1. Glad to know that the story got a smile on your face !

      Lovely sharing about the Rich and Poor man. How we view and treat TIME often impacts how well we complete our activities and Goals

  3. 1. ANS :- Only one of the friend became rich because he worked hard and respected the time , rather than the poor friend was lazy and he didn’t respected the time .

    2. ANS:- The qualities observed by me about the rich friend are :-

    #. He respected the time .
    #. He was a humble man .
    #. He was very kind in speaking .
    3.ANS :- The qualities observed by me in the poor friend are :-
    #. He didn’t like to work .
    #. He was lazy .
    # . He did not respected the time .
    ! THANK YOU !


    1. Wooow Atharv. Loved your sharing and the way you have structured your response.

      The characteristics of Rich and Poor man pointed out by you clearly shows that effective use of Time can bring about great changes in our lives.

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