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This course has been designed to keep in mind that your 9 -10  years old will be getting introduced to the world of finances at this age. Use this to the fullest to be able to develop saving habits and practical understanding immediately!

Pre-work: Warming up shares & activities

Post-work: Application Activities, Implementation Ideas, & Presentation

8 sessions for developing skills like Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional intelligence, Soft Skills, Learning better, Career Guidance, etc.

Topics under this course

What is ours?


What is Rent?

Discounts and Offers

Salary Details

Family Piggy Bank

Buying what we desire


Group activities, individual coaching & mentoring Sessions (as required), Worksheets

Class summary and supplemental reading/activities post each class

Introduction & Orientation reading / activities before each class

Activities: Case studies & Triads

Engagement: Teach back & Small Group Discussion.

Excitement: Icebreakers & Energizers.

Communication: Extempore (JAM) / Interview / Surveying

Art Form: Blog writing / Making a Video

Craft Form: Collage making / PowerPoint presentation


What Will I Learn?

  • To discuss with you (the earner) about your needs and the support required from him/her.
  • Create a plan about buying based on the low and high quadrant of desires and needs.
  • Research and differentiate between low paying and high paying jobs.
  • Create and Present a presentation on "Caution to take while considering Discounts & Offers”.
  • Collaborate & Manage a “Family Piggy Bank”.
  • Understanding the Family responsibilities and supporting earners.
  • Role of NGOs
  • Concept of advantages and disadvantages of giving and receiving on rent
  • Differentiate between low paying and high paying jobs.
  • Managing the Family Piggy Bank
  • Concept of low and high desires and Needs

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Book and Worksheets
  • Collage / Poster / Personal Video Making


  • English, Hindi, Computer / Internet basics
  • Laptop / PC, Tab / Mobile, Internet (4 G / broadband recommended)
  • Discussion on call

Target Audience

  • 9 - 10 Years