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  • Course level: Intermediate


This course has been designed to keep in mind that your 7-8 yr old will be getting introduced to the world of finances at this age. Use this to the fullest to be able to develop saving habits and practical understanding immediately!

Pre-work: Warming up shares & activities

Post-work: Application Activities, Implementation Ideas, & Presentation

8 sessions for developing skills like Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional intelligence, Soft Skills, Learning better, Career Guidance, etc.

Topics under this course

Begging, Stealing and Robbing

Hand Loan Giving and Taking

Prices of things around us

Sellers and Service Providers

Who gets Salary?

Pocket Money

Buying what we Need


Group activities, individual coaching & mentoring Sessions (as required), Worksheets

Class summary and supplemental reading/activities post each class

Introduction & Orientation reading / activities before each class

Activities: Role-play & Crossword.

Engagement: Match the following & Small Group Discussion.

Excitement: Icebreakers & Energizers.

Communication: Role Playing / Speech

Art Form: Collage / Poster / Personal Video Making

Craft Form: Creating a thing/ object (can be made of paper, wood, mud, tin, cardboard, etc.)

What Will I Learn?

  • Consequences of begging, stealing and Robbing
  • Benefits and Risk in Taking and giving loan
  • Forming the habit of money management.
  • Exploring various jobs for understanding the salaries and work they do
  • Prioritizing between Needs and Desire
  • Present a study of the past, present, and future prices of things and services around us.
  • Create a plan to reduce expenses and think before spending money.
  • Start saving from pocket money for future use.
  • Prepare a wish list based on buying what the family needs?
  • Research and Create a process of getting a Bank Loan.
  • Exploring various jobs for understanding the salaries and the work they do.

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Book and Worksheets
  • Collage / Poster / Personal Video Making


  • English, Hindi, Computer / Internet basics
  • Laptop / PC, Tab / Mobile, Internet (4 G / broadband recommended)
  • Discussion on call

Target Audience

  • 6-11 yrs