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Celebrating Learning when the student teaches

For this session, prepare to speak for 1 minute on any one of the topics mentioned below. You may have attended any of these sessions. Choose a  topic, recall the content or revisit the topic by downloading The School Matters app and watch the video. 

To Download the app now, click on appropriate link:

Prepare to speak about what you learnt, what you liked and how you used your learning. It’s just 1 minute

Topics of previous The Holistic Education sessions:

Values you ValueMoney Flow System
SMART New Year ResolutionFlow Charting
Healthy Food PyramidLeadership Essentials
Mind MappingHandling Difficult/Challenging Conversations
Self AwarenessArt of Debating
Making Money Earn MoneySocial Awareness
What’s your Learning StyleThe First Aid Kit
Present with PowerBuilding an attitude of Gratitude
Communication StylesSWOT analysis
Self ManagementHandling Conflict
Working towards your GoalsActive Listening
Active LivingTime Management Essentials
Communicate to ConvinceSymptoms of Common Diseases
Empathy in ActionThe Virtual Real Balance
Two Types of ThinkingGroup Discussion


Communication can be best learnt not just by talking. 

This Teacher’s day, prepare in advance and get a chance to speak for a minute, listen to other speakers and mentors. 

Learn the tips and techniques of speaking impromptu. Excited, read more details and join in…


  1. Preparing key points
  2. Rule of Three
  3. Thinking on the feet