Do you want your child to build wealthy money habits and have healthy relationship with money in just 3 days?

We help your kids learn through activities, case studies, peer learning and questioning

What will your
child learn ?

This 3 day workshop is going to be a lifetime experience for your child, where your child will learn about the 3 pillars of money management which are “Earning”, “Spending” & “Saving/Investing”.

The entire workshop is experiential, activity based and students learn from peers and higher order thinking questions.

Your child will also improve communication skills, presentations skills & thinking skills.

Your child will also get a 5 week access to Holistic Education activities & Live sessions.

1. The Super Kid

2. The Smart Junior

3. The Erudite Teen

4. The Futuristic Young

About the course

The Super Kid

The Smart Junior

The Erudite Teen

The Futuristic Youth

See Our Super Kids Perform

After taking our specialised courses

The Super Kid - Aryan

The Smart Junior - Shri Pushpa

The Erudite Teen - Srinidhi

The Futuristic Youth - Tanvi


The Super Kid

The Smart Junior

The Erudite Teen

The Futuristic Young



Happy to Introduce

Sumeet Arora Learning & Career Development Mentor

Sumeet Arora is a learning and career development coach and has the expertise of training and mentoring 50,000+ working professionals in the last 25 years. He has authored books, curriculum and content for school and college going students.

He has been featured on career guidance on TV shows. He is a certified mentor from City and Guilds, United Kingdom.

Opportunity to Learn from award winning mentor. Winner of Career Change Makers Award in April 2021 for Top Education Based Material And Content Creator

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Our Core Team

Aliya Ansari

M.Com | B.Ed
DIPLOMA – In early childhood care and education
10 Years Experience  

Kanupriya Keshavan

Chartered Accountant 
Academic Advisor, Projects
Curriculum Expert 

15 Years Experience  

Seema Dhalani

B.Com | B.Ed
Pursuing MA in English 

10 Years Experience  

Khushwant Kaur

MBA Finance | B.Com(H)
DIPLOMA – In Banking
10 Years Experience  

Varinder Arora

20 Years Experience  

Natasha Davesar

Certified NLP
Facilitator & Life Coach 
18 Years Experience  

Learn why kids financial education is important for self development

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Why Join Us At
Money Matters !!

  • Guided Steps To Become Sucessful Adults
  • Fun Learning & Practices for Children
  • Build & Cherish Great Money Habits
  • Learn Great Tips on Earning & Spending Money
  • Get To Hear From The Best Mentor

More reasons to signup

Benefits Of Joining This Workshop

Learn the Basics of Money

50 money management topics

7 Money Principles that every family and kids needs to know

Learn to develop healthy relationship with Money

Interactive online classes and highly equipped teachers

5 pillar model of financial education

How wealth impact your child

Simple worksheets and easy
to learn

Step-by-step guide to learn money management skills

Learn the value of money in relation to real-life

Curriculum designed to impart knowledge as per the age

Learn how to be smart
with Money

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