Teach Your Kids 6 Levels of Simple and Evergreen Methods of Mastering Money Handling!!

What you will learn

Topics that will be covered

"Good money habits lead to building good savings and spending habits to last a lifetime."

We all know managing money is an essential part of our lives but yet this is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to teaching our kids good money habits!!

We at Money Matters are committed to delivering a valuable curriculum on Managing money and by learning and practicing good money habits we enable our kids to become independent and successful adults.

Thanks to the tools that we have so meticulously planned and designed. Kids learn but in a manner, where they will never get bored or even tired.

Why Join Money Matters?

"Trust me your kids will love it. It's teaching them money."

It’s Simple and easy for parents

Help your kids in making spending decisions Manage all pocket money in one place

Learning and also fun for kids

Teach kids that making money is fun That empowers and encourage kids to engage with money

Build good money habits

Practice good money habits By starting this early on help them learn good saving and spending habits

Hear from our clients who have enrolled

"The Kids love to learn more about Money, and preparing kids financially is important at the right age"

Hear from our clients who have

"I like how my kid is growing learning about financial management, this is something essential for the youngsters"

About Speaker

Sumeet Arora

Sumeet Arora is a mentor, learning and career development partner and has the expertise of mentoring 50,000+ working professionals in the last 25 years. He has authored books curriculum and content for many school and college going students. He has been featured on career guidance on TV Shows. He is a certified mentor from City and Guild, United Kingdom

What Will You Get?

Quick Tips on Earning
and Spending

Children learn through virtual money on how effectively they can spend and learn about investments in the money game.

Valuable Tools

Simple templates and worksheets for you to use with your children to improve their financial literacy

Best Practices from the mentor

Easy Practices to develop Wealthy money habits & healthy relationships with money

Provide the best to your kids

More reasons to signup

Benefits of joining this workshop

Learn the Basics of Money

50 money management topics

7 Money Principles that every family and
kids needs to know

Learn to develop healthy relationship
with Money

Learn to save for college /
higher education

Interactive online classes and highly
equipped teachers

5 pillar model of financial education

Learn how wealth impact your child

Simple worksheets and easy to learn

Step-by-step guide to learn money management skills

Learn the value of money in relation
to real-life

Curriculum designed to impart knowledge
as per the age

Learn the different of earning
and spending

Learn how to be smart with Money

Your Kids Good Money Habits Lay The Foundation For Their Lifelong Success

Our Happy Clients!

It was a wonderful session. Thanks to everyone for organising this essential webinar for us.

Deepika Jain

The best thing of the webinar was The 50 activities divided in 5 Pillars.

Ishan Shinde

The crosswords are really interesting and challenging.

Tejaswita Patil

The entire session is Awesome and Valuable

Dimpy Panchal

It was a wonderful session. Thank you for your time

Sakina Amreliwala

We’d love to have a few more sessions

Dwitee Pandere