Health Quotient: The Yardstick during a Pandemic

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Health Quotient: The Yardstick during a Pandemic

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world was talking about the importance of fitness and how being fit can decrease your rates of getting a chronic disease. Being fit should be a necessity not only when there is a pandemic but also during normal times. A healthy lifestyle, a good healthy diet, and some good sleep can do wonders to your body and will help you stay fit throughout your life, provided you continue to follow the things you initially do and not just stop midway.

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So, when it comes to holistic development and over all development of a child, one must give importance to a thing called Health Quotient. Being fit should be a daily routine and we must really include outdoor fitness and exercise in a child’s life for his health as it has it’s own benefits. The question here would be what is Health Quotient?

Health Quotient is a function of your self-awareness at the most basic level. It’s a function of how well you are attuned to your physical wellbeing. How you treat your mind, body and spirit. But it’s more than just self-awareness. It’s about actively managing your physiology. This aligns it with emotional intelligence, which is about actively managing and working with, rather than against, our emotions. Being physically fit or intelligent is ultimately concerned with understanding our body. Creating a positive relationship between our mind and body, actively working with our physiology to create better conditions for our body to thrive and ensuring we take steps to minimise harm to our body should be our goal.

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Your health quotient is really important. Being fit is something that everyone should concentrate on. There are many benefits to it too.

  1. Resilience: Every second of the day, we get a huge release of hormones, emotions, physical and emotional stimuli, atmospheric conditions and other variables which then come together to influence what we feel and how we experience everything that is taking place in the world. A person should have a level of confidence in their body and the ability to perform resiliently is crucial
  2. Gaining Positivity: When we don’t give our body the work it needs to get, it has a negative impact on our body. It limits our ability to thrive as human beings, by impacting things like decision-making, our attitude towards interpersonal relationships and our ability to concentrate. Therefore we need to actively manage this our body to shape our experience of the world to be positive.
  3. Improving the way we look at things: Emotional intelligence helps us manage our emotional experience of the world. Physical intelligence helps us to both manage the effects of our physiology on our experience of the world and actively promote healthy physiology to improve our experience of the world.
  4. Balancing mind and body: Usually when you have had an extremely mentally stressful day, often in front of a computer, your mind feels frazzled and irritable. However, your body feels wracked with unspent energy. This means your mind and body aren’t aligned, leading to an energy imbalance. Making sure you correct this imbalance is important, as it can be quite draining to tolerate, especially in the long-term.
  5. Feeling euphoric: A core part of physical intelligence is identifying this feeling and being able to address it with exercises. When we exercise, we release endorphins, which are structurally similar to morphine and activate the same pain-killing receptors in our brain, as well as promoting a general feeling of bodily euphoria. The real skill is in finding an exercise that is suitable in terms of intensity and accessibility so that it becomes routine.
  6. Builds endurance: Each person has a different way of receiving and reacting to an exercise. It depends from one person to another. So, finding suitable exercise is very important for a person. Exercise is also important because it improves our endurance and stamina and therefore helps ensure our body is able to help us meet our goals.
  7. Helps staying determined: Being aware of the physical ailments that break down the positive relationship we have with our body and taking steps to rehabilitate them is important to developing and nurturing our physical intelligence. One needs to know the abilities he or she has to perform and a certain task and should perform it with utmost determination and confidence.
  8. Reduces a risk of diseases: Lack of sleep has well-evidenced negative effects on the body, including reducing the quality of the immune system, making one more susceptible to illness. It also reduces the body’s ability to send satiety signals, leading to overeating, as well as affecting your ability to balance. Chronic lack of sleep also puts you at a greater risk of serious conditions down the line, including heart disease and diabetes. Hence, getting some good sleep is very important.
  9. You perform better overall: Eating healthily is a fundamental part of physical intelligence. After all, a machine only functions as well as the quality of the fuel you feed it. Avoiding refined sugars, limiting caffeine, stocking up on fruits and vegetables, and eating an appropriate amount of protein are all good choices. The other side is matching what we eat with our energy needs, a cornerstone of effective energy management at work. Knowing what our energy needs are and making sure we take in an appropriate number of calories helps us have confidence in our body’s ability to perform.

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In conclusion, I’d like to say that Health Quotient is nothing but a person’s ability to persevere. The journey of life is much like climbing a steep mountain. Your intelligence directs you in the ways in which you could make your climb easier. But if your body does not have in itself the energy to keep going, no amount of motivation or tactical precision is going to help you. You have to be physically capable of running the race till the very end. Your body must have within itself enough energy to last out the stress-filled journey. The fact that we must realise is that our body is like a temple that hosts our soul. Thus, the power that rests within ourselves is indeed awesome. Such a person has within himself the energy and the power to surmount any and all obstacles that stand in his way. He is one who can indeed climb all the way to the top of the mountain.

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